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ZEUS is the Tecnomatic’s innovative concept which introduces in the pipe extrusion’s market a gearless version, able to deliver unprecedented energy saving and unparalleled performance. The omission of gearbox, coupling and belts leads to a more compact engineering design of the machine and considerably reduces the maintenance requirement.

Introducing the torque technology: a cutting cost solution.
Energy, raw materials, space, time …  the scarcer and more expensive the resources are, the highest the necessity to use them as efficiently as possible. One strategy to achieve this is to employ state-of-the-art extruders, with direct drive technology.
A more acute awareness of the environment and the rising cost of electricity are the main reasons for the increasing popularity of energy-efficient drive systems in industrial applications.
Thanks to the important developments in the torque motors technology, for reliability and efficiency, this solution was selected in order to assure outstanding saving in the production of plastic pipes.

In ZEUS extruders based on torque motors, you will search in vain for mechanical transmission element such as gearbox. In fact, the force is transmitted exactly to where it is required. The high-poled permanent-magnet-excited synchronous motors are fully integrated into the machine with no mechanical transmission elements such as gears.

Compact, high-performance and low-maintenance
There are many decisive benefits: an extremely compact mechanical design is achieved by directly integrating the motor into the extruders, simplified maintenance, low running noise and significantly reduced frictional losses that increase the efficiency and the dynamic performance of the extruders and consequently of the factories.

To enhance the process control, to reduce energy usage, and to assure its technical edge, AC liquid cooled drives complete the technical configuration of Zeus extruders and assure high performance levels in continuous operation. Liquid cooled drives offer the ultimate solution for gearless drive and high power motors with minimized space requirements and severe environmental conditions.

Modules for monitoring energy consumption, in combination with gravimetric weight system, allow the perfect control over power and material consumption.

ZEUS extruders are offered in three screw diameter for many pipes application.

MODEL Ø L/D Cylinder Available HDPE LDPE PPR PPH
ZEUS 45 45 37 5 4 350 240 220 245
ZEUS 60 60 37 5 4 550 370 350 400
ZEUS 75 75 37 5 4 850      600

Main advantages

  • Short amortization time of higher investment cost.
  • Maintenance free extruder (no oil change need).
  • Output linearity at different rpm and high back pressures.
  • Energy cost saving compared to any traditional solution.
  • Different screw geometries for a wide range of application
  • Excellent plasticizing and homogeneity.
  • Stable thermoregulation of the barrel at different speed.
  • Outstanding reduction of operation noise.

Main technical features

  • New control touch screen, with energy consumption display.
  • Bimetallic barrel.
  • Thermo regulated feed grooved bush to assure stable temperature for constant specific output.
  • Closed loop water cooling system (with chiller).
  • Energy measuring modules in standard version for monitoring energy consumption in combination with gravimetric weight system during production.
  • Independent energy measurement for motor, barrel, tools.