• Linea PEX 5 strati
  • Linea HDPE 3 strati 160
  • Linea HDPE 3 strati 160b
  • Linea 3 strati 250
  • Linea HDPE 3 strati 1200
  • Linea HDPE 3 strati 1200b

In a market, which is always more and more looking for highly innovative development, with respect to the growing improvement of material properties, single-layer pipes are not always able to fulfil the necessary requirements. These multilayer pipes are used extensively in Europe for installations using trenchless techniques or where no imported backfill is used. By using the material dug from the trench the installers are able to reduce the costs and the environmental impact of materials to the site.

Tecnomatic has well interpreted these customer needs and has developed, based on the VENUS die-head concept, complete lines, for the production of two, three or four layers pipes, even in large diameter size. A project in 1,200 mm three layers is the milestone of the multilayer production made by Tecnomatic.

According to requirements, custom fit solution can be offered and engineered to maximize performance, cost saving, and space, without compromises on product quality.

Your benefits at a glance

  • High output and performance.
  • Optimal energy consumption.
  • High grade of automation.
  • Even wall thickness distribution for lower overweight of pipe and raw material saving.
  • Excellent investment ratio price/performance.
  • Pipe Air Cooling (PAC) system to short the cooling and to improve the pipe quality.