• Athena RM63
  • Athena RM63b
  • Athena Multi 5
  • Athena Multi 250


Developed on radial distributors design, Athena is the most innovative solution in the production of pipes and allows a wide range of uses. Inspired by the blow film dies, it is made of modular discs for the production of small/medium pipes up to seven layers. Athena is an ideal solution for multilayer pipes for hot water application and specific product requirements mainly made of PE-X, PE-RT, PP-R, PP-RCT, PB and any bonding agent.


Athena Multi 2_40 6÷40
Athena Multi 3_40 6÷40
Athena Multi 3_125 16÷125
Athena Multi 4_40 6÷40
Athena Multi 4_125 16÷125
Athena Multi 5_40 6÷40
Athena Multi 5_125 16÷125
Athena Multi 6_63 12÷63

* Il posizionamento dell’estrusore è definito in accordo con il cliente  


Based on spiral or radial distributors are designed for the coating of steel and plastic pipes, composite (e.g. with aluminium), corrugated (third layer), telecommunication or umbilical pipes. Die-heads are manufactured in monolayer or multilayer models, covering a working diameter range from 8 to 800 mm.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Short flow paths and low melt volume for a short residence time.
  • Rapid material and colour changes.
  • Optimal melt flow and layers uniformity.
  • High flexibility in terms of layers structure (thick or thin layers and materials) and number of layers.
  • Easy cleaning and a rapid assembling/disassembling operation.
  • Lower costs compared to axial spiral structures.