• Zephyr 60
  • Spiral grooved feeding bush
  • Zephyr 60 motor
  • Zephyr 75
  • Zephyr 90
  • Zephyr 90


The new extruder series in L/D 40 boasts an array of advanced technical solutions which make them unique models designed for pipe producers looking for even more focused energy saving machines, offering extreme output performance at lower melt temperatures. The innovation spans the entire series and includes new spiral grooved bush, screw and motors.

Focus on energy efficiency
In the light of rising energy costs, energy efficiency criteria should be a crucial issue across manufacturing industries. Pipe extrusion is highly dependent on electricity and most of the energy usage is in operating the extruder. The Zephyr series has made this the utmost priority offering extruders with increased screw length and smaller torque and AC water cooled motors, to assure same output of bigger size extruders but with a better energy efficiency. 

Spiral grooved bush and innovative screw concept
The new feed bush ensures minor friction, commonly generated by raw material transport, with subsequent increasing of the specific and total throughput. The further development in screw design, with optimisation and enhancement of torque and shearing elements, have improved the output but have also led to process the material at lower melt temperatures.

Torque and AC water-cooled motors
To meet the requirements for production efficiency the machines are equipped with torque or water-cooled motors (in this case with one or two steps gearboxes) and compact water-cooled inverters. These solutions combined with the mechanical features ensure outstanding power consumption levels, low noise operation (< 74 Db), reduction of workload for maintenance, higher efficiency within wide speed and load ranges, and faster dynamic response.

Wide range of application, optimized feeding and wear resistant materials
ZEPHYR extruder is designed to process PE 80 and PE100 materials, but the constant specific output over speed range at low or high pressure, is making it the perfect machine for PP and corrugated pipes too. The linearity of the output at different pressures indicates a properly adjusted intake geometry of the screw and feed bush. The intake reacts with the same behaviour even with different shapes of pellets, which might be different depending on raw material suppliers. Bimetallic barrels, hardened feed bushes and special coating for screws flights ensure perfect wear resistance. 

Zephyr extruders are offered in four screw diameter with maximum output at 1.700 kg/h 
ZEPHYR 45 45 5 Torque * No 500
ZEPHYR 60 60 5 Torque * No 800
ZEPHYR 75 75 5 Water-cooled 2 steps ** 1.200
ZEPHYR 90 90 5 Water-cooled 2 steps ** 1.700

*  Zephyr 45 & 60 are available also in traditional gearbox version
** With Z shape

Main technical features

  • 40:1 L/D ratio.
  • Torque or water cooled AC 3-phase asynchronous motor.
  • Water cooled frequency controller.
  • Two or three step gearbox with hardened and tempered gears (1 or c shape)
  • Control system with touch screen industrial PC.
  • Spiral grooved bush (SGB) for intake zone.
  • Bimetallic barrel and colmonoy reinforced screw.
  • Purposely developed screws.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Optimal energy consumption.
  • Excellent ratio investment/performance.
  • Improved and constant specific output.
  • Noise Level < 74 dB.
  • Max back pressure at 500 bar.
  • Maintenance free (no oil, no filters).
  • Maximum output 1700kg/h.