Athena Coex

Adapter for Venus heads for the co-extrusion of the outer layer.

With Athena Coex, Tecnomatic introduces on the market a special device to be installed on all Venus heads in order to coextrude an outer layer of polyolefin up to 25% of the total thickness with the use of the new radial spiral distributor. With a small investment, the current single-layer heads for polyolefin can be converted into multi-layer heads for the co-extrusion of thin outer layers generally used to protect the piping. Installed directly behind the mandrel, they guarantee a homogeneous and optimal distribution of the thickness with no need for flow adjusters. Its compact size allows for fast installation and ensures a low operating pressure.

MODELLO GAMMA DIAMETRI (mm) Portata PE100 (Kg/h)
Athena Coex 160 16÷160 100
Athena Coex 400 16÷400 150
Athena Coex 630 50÷630 200
Athena Coex 1200 250÷1.200 250