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  • Vega 75


The VEGA series perfectly fit a wide range of pipe extrusion application. Reliable and tested in many standard or outperforming lines maximized and set new boundaries in pipe production. Designed for PE high performance extrusion, they are also well suited for the market of the corrugated pipes both PP and PE materials.

A state of the art technology for all components
VEGA is the result of years of experience manufacturing extruders and of a constant effort to develop each part of them.
A constantly updated screw design, matched with the water cooled straight feed bush, ensure excellent production values with optimal plasticizing, even at high output rate. The specific output has been further increased and it maintains constant across the whole screw speed range or even at high backpressures values.

The machines are equipped with synchronous AC motors specifically designed to be used in applications at high dynamic performances with variable speeds. The selected motors are mechanical sturdy to withstand high overloads while a highly effective insulation avoid a gradual deterioration caused by operation at high frequencies.

The inverter control is further granting stable rotation even at very low speed (by means of closed-ring circuit through the use of incremental encoders), protection against short-circuit (over and under voltage) and EMC filters to eliminate noise and interferences.

Compact and solid mechanic
Italian gearboxes characterised by single block cast iron frame, for large oil capacity cooled by an independent unit, and high performance bearing unit (up to 500 bars)  fit out the transmission system of the VEGA series. A solid frame with small footprint and motors placed below the extruder barrel ensure a limited space impact.

A user-friendly control system
A swivelling operator terminal manages the extruder. The industrial PC for supervision and process control allows the possibility to oversee production lots with statistical production reports and data transfer. The system is provided with teleservice functionality. Remote operation or maintenance service can be executed via a direct modem connection, supplied as standard with each Tecnomatic extruder.

Model  Ø L/D Barrel Available HDPE Kg/h PP Kg/h
VEGA 45 45 37 5 4 300 220
VEGA 60 60 37 5 4 500 400
VEGA 75 75 37 5 4 750 550
VEGA 90 90 37 5 4 1.100 750
VEGA 120 120 37 5 4 1.300 960

Main advantages

  • Different screw geometries for a wide range of application.
  • Output linearity at different rpm and high back pressures.
  • Low energy consumption AC motors.
  • High performance with competitive price.
  • Excellent plasticizing and homogeneity.
  • Stable thermoregulation of the barrel at different speed.
  • Low noise.