Vacuum calibration sleeves

 Technomatic has a long history of providing tailored equipment designed to maximize the efficiency of the your production line. One surefire way of maximizing the effectiveness of your extrusion line is with a high quality calibration sleeve.

We maintain our reputation for excellence in the field by constantly developing our workforce's expertise in order to keep up with the constantly and rapidly developing technology. The performance of our vacuum calibration sleeves is constantly reviewed and evaluated by our technical department, enabling us to continually fine tune our products, even as the needs of the global production line increase.

Vacuum calibration sleeves: innovation and reliability

Vacuum calibration sleeves exist because the more accurately the pipe on your extrusion system is calibrated, the more raw materials waste figures are reduced and the more efficient the production line as a whole will function. Among the features of our massive range of calibration sleeve sizes are: maximum accuracy, complete surface protection, and the elimination of ovality. However, aside from simply delivering a standard and set product for the market, Technomatic has taken its vacuum calibration sleeves one step further.

Through long years of innovation and experience we have developed the expertise and infrastructure to be able to offer calibration sleeves that are tailored to the specific requirements of an individual client. We take into account all the factors necessary, including the plastic material used for production of your pipe, stabilization and filler rate, the type and diameter of the die head, water temperature and speed, all to deliver a bespoke product that you can be confident will work with your machinery.

Vacuum calibration sleeves: tailored service and fair prices

Technomatic have been leaders in the field of vacuum calibration sleeves for many years and in that time have developed both a laundry list of innovative and reliable products and an reputation for excellence and value. We work with our clients to deliver not just a top quality product, but a service experience that is second to none. This is one of the reasons why our clients continue to return to us for all their extrusion line and calibration sleeve needs. If you are looking for a vacuum calibration sleeve supplier as well as a long lasting and mutually beneficial business relationship, contact us today.