Single screw extruders

Technomatic are one of the most competitive single screw extruders suppliers in the market. We provide single screw extruders that can be adapted for a multitude of purposes and industries. As top quality single screw extruders suppliers, our inventory includes a variety of extruders styles, including gravity-fed and starve-fed models. We also offer variety when it comes to diameter sizes, guaranteeing that whatever your needs are, Technomatic can provide the right extruder to enhance your production and, at the same time, assure the quality of your final product.

Single screw extruders: quality and control

At Technomatic, we understand that a top of the line single screw extruder should be able to provide several things. Primarily it should offer function and high quality results. Our machines operate efficiently throughout the entire process, starting with solids conveying, through the melting stage and finally finishing with pumping or metering of the polymer.

Aside from doing all of this, they can keep you in the loop continually as well. Effective monitoring and control systems vital to enabling a total instrumentation of the extruders for raw materials development and checks are paired with the machine to ensure that you can keep abreast of your product's development and tweak things if necessary. This entire package combines to provide peace of mind for you and personal confidence in the product you deliver to the market.

Technomatic has developed into major single screw extruders suppliers thanks to a philosophy of turning knowledge into value. Each technological challenge we have overcome is then channeled back into our company to enhance the expertise of our company as a whole. This is why we have continually been successful in delivering innovative, efficient and effective products to the market.

Our sterling reputation is backed up by a long list of satisfied customers. If you are looking for single screw extruders suppliers, we will work with you to establish your specific needs, answer any concerns you may have regarding machinery, delivery and order size, and ultimately deliver a product and service that is tailored to you and your company. Technomatic continually provides all of this to its clients and all at competitive market prices.