Twin Screw Extruders

 Polymers play a big role in modern day industries. There is no better, more efficient, or more cost effective method for combining, compounding, mixing, or reacting polymetric materials than by the use of twin screw extruders. T

This technology allows for flexible movement of the twin screws. The screws may counter-rotate or co-rotate while also either non-intermeshing or meshing. In addition, the technology for the flexible realignment of the screws using reverse conveying elements, forward conveyors, or kneading blocks among other dynamic designs. This makes for a versatile machine achieving variant designs as per the client needs.

Best Twin Screw Extruders

One of the most reliable manufacturers of Twin Screw Extruders is Tecnomatic. This is a company that has been designing and producing various industrial and auto machinery for over 40 years and is a leader in the field. With a highly professional workforce and a dedicated research and development team, the company has been charting new frontiers in knowledge, technology, and organization. The Twin Screw Extruders technology is one among many of the refined processes of industry machinery they have successfully deployed into the international market.

Twin screw extruders: efficiency and Environmental Concerns

The Tecnomatic Twin Screw Extruders are energy efficient and built to the highest pollution control standards. This not only minimizes production costs but also gears towards a cleaner, greener environment. Their Twin Screw Extruders are designed and built with sophisticated European engineering perfection making degassing processes all the much easier, convenient, and faster. This is particularly useful during the packaging stages when merchandize handlers may need to degas, remove monomers, and exclude residual solvents from their products.

The plastics industries require highly efficient and optimized extruders. Tecnomatic produces the best extruders that can be customized to fit client needs. Their extruders are also beneficial for the food processing industry, packaging industry, and in the pharmaceutical industry. Constant innovations from a dedicated professional and passionate workforce ensures you get the best anywhere in the world.