Vacuum tanks & spray baths

During the pipe extrusion process, heated thermoplastics are forced through a die to produce piping. The polymer materials begin to cool as they flows around the die, aided by a water bath that accelerates the cooling and hardening process. Vacuum tanks & spray baths are the components of choice to produce ideal conditions for cooling and high quality, durable piping materials.

Vacuum Tanks & Spray Baths - How they work

The extruded material enters the tank after it flows around the die to produce the cylindrical shape of piping. The tank itself is most often made of stainless steel. Vacuum action brings the material into the tank. The amount and strength of the vacuum action can be adjusted to make slight modifications to the dimensions of the pipe; increased vacuum creates a larger dimension. The interior of the vacuum tank is fitted with a series of nozzles that spray water at the outside of the pipe at a high velocity to cool it. This process tends to produce more even and therefore superior results than a water filled tank.

Vacuum Tanks & Spray Baths for Quality Control

After the plastic material is heated and formed, the ability to transfer the heat as quickly and efficiently as possible is also a key component in overall productivity as well as ensuring the quality of the finished product. Vacuum tanks & spray baths provide the precise conditions required to ensure that the cooling process proceeds in a controlled fashion. As plastics cool, they may harden in an uneven fashion, producing areas of variable strength and thickness. Water filled tanks - as opposed to spray baths - can produce water boundary layers. As the tank fills with water, the material may float and produce distortions in the shape. Spray baths eliminate these issues, providing for uniform cooling at all points at once and therefore also a superior exterior finish.

Quality Control and Cutting Edge Processes

The Tecnomatic Group is committed to constant innovation in materials and manufacturing processes, using the latest technology - including vacuum tanks & spray baths - to ensure optimal results.