The Pipe extrusion process

 The pipe extrusion process is a component of many manufacturing systems, including automobile components among many other applications.

About the pipe extrusion process

Extrusion is a process whereby a material is melted and formed into a continuous shape that may then be cross-sectioned. Using plastic materials, the pipe extrusion process can produce tubing of various sizes that is used in a wide variety of applications and industries, including various automotive components.

 Details about pipe extrusion process

At its most basic, the pipe extrusion process involves feeding the material into one end of a hopper where it is melted and then forced through a die which forms it into a pipe. The material gradually hardens as it cools. The plastic may come in the form of pellets or other raw form. Resin may also be used. The manufacturing process is typically set up as gravity fed, with the hopper mounted on top of a barrel, where the melting takes place. Heating is often performed in multiple stages that become progressively hotter. Gradual heating is preferable since it avoids overheating and damaging the plastic polymer.

Quality Control is crucial to the pipe extrusion process

The die is designed so that the molten thermoplastic material flows evenly around it to form a cylinder of the desired size and shape. An even flow is essential to maintaining the overall integrity of the final product. Variations in the flow can produce weak areas. Once it has been formed, the plastic material begins to cool and harden, a process often aided by a cold water bath. The resulting piping or tubing is then cut to desired lengths and coiled in preparation for use or transportation.

Other uses of the Pipe extrusion process

Plastic extrusion is used to produce a variety of shapes in addition to piping. The extrusion process may also be used with aluminum to produce aluminum tubes used for such applications as irrigation piping and electrical conductors among others.

Constant innovation in manufacturing processes

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