Pipe Extrusion Machine

What is a Pipe Extrusion Machine?

A pipe extrusion machine is designed to create a uniform piece of piping that is often a long continuous piece of pipe that can be installed without the need for a large number of couplings and attachments. The pipe extrusion process is often completed using different forms of plastic pellets or powder pushed into the machine at high pressure and heat levels that creates a high performance and strong piece of plastic piping. As the process used in pipe extrusion has become standardised, the use of plastic pipes has increased in a large number of industries and applications.

How a Pipe Extrusion Machine Works

The pipe extrusion machine has a number of different parts that are all important in the production of plastic piping. Plastic pellets or powder are first inserted into the machine at the head of the large screw that applies pressure to the quickly forming plastic. The plastic materials are heated under pressure to produce a liquid plastic material that is then pushed through a die to produce a pipe, hose or tube of the dimensions and size required for the product being created. Upon leaving the die, the plastic material is rapidly cooled to produce a pipe or tube, which is pulled through the machine by a mechanised piece of machinery. Once the cooled plastic product reaches the removal area of the machine it can be rolled, cut into sections or packaged for delivery.

Pipe Extrusion Machine Measurements

Making sure the extrusion machine creates a piece of pipe, hose or tube of the correct dimensions is one of the most important aspects of creating an accurately constructed piece of piping. Many modern extrusion machines are equipped with laser canning measurement equipment that ensure the accuracy of the exterior of a pipe as it passes through the different areas of the machine. Creating an accurate die that helps construct both the interior and exterior makes sure the pipe is manufactured correctly. A visible area of the machine usually allows the manufacturer to view the product as it is being created within the pipe extrusion machine, which allows any defects to be spotted or checked by the machine operator as products are created.