Tecnomatic pipe extrusion

Tecnomatic Produce

Tecnomatic produces the best innovative solutions for industrial companies processing plastic. We manufacture the best extruders, calibration solutions, Die heads and extrusion lines. Tecnomatic pipe extrusion products are designed to boost productivity while lowering energy consumption. Our products are designed for high pressure and performance applications like pipelines.

Pipe Extrusion

The modern bimodal high performance materials used by Tecnomatic in pipe extrusion are the best for pipelines, particularly at higher operating pressures. Thus Tecnomatic offers high quality and reliable pipes manufactured by time tested processes.


At Tecnomatic, we avail the best solutions for the calibration of PEBD, PP, PEED and PVC pipes meeting the needs of industries which process plastics or pipe extrusions.


Tecnomatic offers the complete solution for industries aiming to achieve high productivity while lowering energy consumption while processing plastics. Tecnomatic offers a broad range of extruders that deliver superb performances despite pressure on the heads.

Extrusion Lines

Tecnomatic uses Cad systems plus exclusive Tecnomatic software and established quality control measures with 5-axis CNC machinery to assure clients of a perfect match between products.

Extrusion Heads

Tecnomatic provides the best answer for industries that process plastic and aim to increase productivity while lowering energy consumption. With over three decades experience in design and production of pipe extrusion die heads, Tecnomatic die heads ensure even formation of a perfect profile shape for the product.

  • Pipelines
  • Qualities of a good pipe are:
  • Consistent metering
  • Homogeneous dispersion of additives before and during extrusion

Tecnomatic supplies the best pipe quality for pipelines. Tecnomatic pipes have the following advantages:

  • High creep strength
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to transport
  • High resistance to rapid and slow crack propagation
  • Easy to lay
  • Good weld ability
  • Resistance to aggressive media and soils
  • No deposits and encrustations
  • Low wall friction losses

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