Single Screw PVC Pipe Extruder

 Why Choose a Single Screw PVC Pipe Extruder?

Pipes form an important part of almost every building and process used to convey materials from one location to another, whether as part of a water, sewage or liquid pipeline the use of PVC is now more popular than ever. A single screw PVC pipe extruder is perhaps the best way of producing a piece of piping that is strong, lightweight and easy to work with. Most pipe installations in the 21st century are created using some form of plastic material, with PVC amongst the most popular choice.

How Does a Single Screw PVC Pipe Extruder Work?

A single screw PVC pipe extruder is a piece of manufacturing equipment designed to make sure a uniformity is present in the production of plastic piping materials. This machine can basically be split into various parts, which include the barrel containing the single screw, the die and cooling area that make up the main body of the extruder. A high quality die is always important as the heated PVC placed under extreme pressure is pushed through the die to form the piece of material needed for the final PVC pipe product to be manufactured. Most extrusion machines are also fitted with a laser measuring device that tracks the material as it passes from the die to the cooling chamber through an open portion of the machine. This allows a visual examination of the product to take place, along with a laser measured examination of the product.

The Benefits of a Single Screw PVC Pipe Extruder

A single screw extruder can create a superbly strong PVC product that is used for its light weight and high level of corrosion resistance. The uses of plastic and PVC pipe are now many, with most industries seeing the advantages of extrusion to create long lengths of pipe that are manufactured to the same exacting measurements and requirements. Maintaining the same requirements for every piece of pipe, whether it is short or long is easy during the extrusion process. One of the main benefits of extrusion is the ability of a single piece of pipe to be produced that can be of any required length. Longer pieces of pipe can be created for difficult to complete installations that have a reduced chance of failure at a crucial attachment as these are largely eliminated with extrusion produced pipes.