Single Screw Pipe Extruders

 What is a Single Screw Pipe Extruder?

The single screw pipe extruder has been in use for decades, with the popularity of plastic materials for pipe and hose production adding to the growth of this type of pipe production. A pipe extruder is generally a large machine that conducts each and every aspect of pipe production in one single unit, this includes forming the material to be used for producing the pipe through to forming the final product. Because of the speed and accuracy of single screw pipe extruders this has become the top production technique for creating pipes, tubes and hoses of all kinds.

How Single Screw Pipe Extruders Work?

The creation of pipes is now largely completed using single screw pipe extruders, which include a large barrel, into which a screw largely fills the production barrel. Small pellets of plastic material or powder is passed into the machine directly into the barrel containing the screw. This large barrel is heated from the outside and places the plastic material under high pressure that heats it and forms a molten mass of plastic. The screw not only creates pressure but transports the plastic material towards the die, which is a mould that creates the exterior and interior of the final pipe. The plastic material is then passed into a cooling chamber that allows rapid cooling to take place and the final formation of the pipe to be completed.

The Benefits of Single Screw Pipe Extruders

Many companies and individuals ask the question why they need products produced by single screw pipe extruders? The benefits of production using this technique are well known and include the ability to produce a pipe to the exact specifications of the client, with the proper production of the die making it simple and easy to make a number of versions of the same product to the exact specifications decided upon. Pipe extruders also produce a product that is light and easy to handle when created using plastic materials that are easily worked and transported at low cost and with limited problems. Amongst the many benefits of producing pipe using an extrusion technique is the ability to create longer lengths of piping than can be created using other techniques. Longer lengths of piping cut down on the number of couplings and connections used, reducing the chances of a failure or problem in the connection.