single screw extruder design

 Single Screw Extruder Design

A single screw extruder is a volumetric pump. A single screw extruder design is created to suit various feeding results for a variety of outputs. It allows solid materials to be conveyed, melded, mixed and pumped simultaneously.

The single screw extruder design has been developed to handle various products from plastic melts to flour based food products, such as pasta noodles, cereals and pie dough. A single screw extruder is designed to adjust the flow of materials and the change in viscosity.

The Tecnomatics Design Team

The Tecnomatic technicians have developed screws for over thirty years. The expertise of technicians who researched and practised around the world is applied to production in Italy. Tecnomatic optimises extrusion technology that combines the grooved bush with barrier screws. The correct screw needs to be applied to the correct application. The choice of the single screw extruder design depends on which system is required, conventional or grooved bush. The design of the single screw extruder is set by properties and quantity to be extruded.

Types Of Extruder Screws

Practically all single screw processes need some mixing, whether to homogenize, regrind as with pure resin or stir in concentrated colour pigments. single screw extruder design creates various length screws for different applications. Almost all processes using a single screw require some degree of mixing, whether it's just to homogenize regrind with virgin resin or to mix in some colour concentrate.

  • Application of Extruder Screws
  • Extrusion blow moulding - short extruders used
  • Film and pipe extrusion - employ longer screws

A single screw extruder is divided into specific parts for specific application. There is the feed and compression section and the melting

and homogenizing section. To accomodate a specific need, a single screw has to be designed with different lengths for homogenizing and other length for

plastificated melt. Tecnomatics has a team of experienced technicians and engineers who are skilled to appraise the melt quality demands.

Tecnomatic Produce:

  • Extruders
  • Extruder die head
  • Pipe line
  • Calibration
  • Extrusion lines
  • Second point


Tecnomatic take up the challenge of specific single screw requirements. A focus on design, detail and customising the product make renowned the Tecnomatic brand. The company provides support, it works with customers during establishment of a manufacturing business and continues cooperation during set-up and operation. Customer satisfaction is an aim of Tecnomatic.