Facts You Need to Know about Single Screw Extruders

 Single screw extrusion is one of the methods used for processing materials of synthetic plastics both in powder and molten form. It is mainly used to improve the quality of the melt as well as increase its production by creating pressure in the molten polymer. This forces the extrusion of the polymer. Single screw extrusion is mostly used for polymers that are pure. If they are made of different materials, twin screw extrusion is used. Single screw extruders can either be used as part of a large extrusion system or used as stand-alone machine for extrusion.

The Process of Extrusion Using Single screw extruders

The extruder consists of the following: barrel, screw, controls, drive mechanism and arrangement of resin feed. As the screw turns, it moves the resin within the hot barrel. In this way, it reaches the required temperatures as well as mixes thoroughly to form a melt that is homogenous. The pressure which is built up by the single screw extruders then forces the melt from the extruder. It gets out shaped like a die. The whole system has barrier screw that makes sure that the whole resin does not melt in basic extrusion screw.

Advantages of Single Screw Extruders

  • Compared to twin screw extruders, they are far much superior at extruding materials that are common.
  • They are also far much cheaper than other screw extruders.
  • They have less shear when compared to twin screw extruders.
  • They can be used in operations for a very wide range of different types of materials.
  • They have a very high throughput

While there are many manufacturers of these types of screw extruders, not all of them manufacture high quality extruders. A quality extruder should produce high quality products and in large numbers within a very short period as well having low noise production. The screw extruder should also not be very expensive both in terms of its sale price and running costs. A quality screw extruder should for example have very low energy consumption to keep the running costs low. One company that manufactures high screw extruders is Tecnomatic whose wide range of screw extruders guarantee high performance and longevity.