Tecnomatic offers a wide variety of co-extruders, which are uniquely designed to be able to satisfy specific system and machine requirements from Ø25mm to Ø35mm. They are designed by the help of latest technology and are customized for compact systems and machines. They are very strong and versatile, and will extrude with pressures of upto 1000 bar, standard version.

Tecnomatics offers its customers a combination of advanced technology and the principle of co-extrusion by providing the option of a prime extruder having two or more strands fitted. Hence two or more co-extruders can be mounted on the prime extruder and save on space due to the compact design.

These co-extruders have a number of applications in the universities, plastic industries, research centres and even in the medical industry. They also have the ability to comfortably extrude all forms of thermo-plastic materials which include PU, PP, PA, PSU, LCP, PEEK, PVDF, FEP, PVC, ETFE, PE, PLG, PMMA, PC, PBT, and many more. Tecnomatic also offers co-extruders for the purpose of extruding microspheres or powder, by the help of extensive research on barrel and screw units.

Tecnomatic has also enabled the supply of plasticization units which are basically manufactured from scoring and resistant materials, intergranular-corrosion resistant materials or materials resistant to high temperatures.

Tecnomatic co-extruders have been assembled on some of the very many supports for any given exigency, to help solve the problem associated with reduced space. This form of assembly will enable them in extruding in various positions which include vertical, horizontal and in inclination position, which helps to keep the precision capacity high through the many feed zones that have been studied and researched on.

Tecnomatic co-extruders have use in many industrial applications of production which include

  • Blow moulding co-extrusion
  • Tubes co-extrusion
  • Multi-lumen and medical tubes
  • Co-extrusion tubes for sheets, plates and technical profiles
  • Profiles, cables and tubes co-extrusion for coloured stripes