The Extruder Machine

The use of plastics has become common throughout many industries with the use of plastic accessories and components looking set to grow more and more as the years pass by. Extruders are becoming a more important part of a number of industries as the need for plastic components and materials grows, the use of these machines ensures the plastic tool or component means that a specific measurement or design can be completed to a set design or size.

The Process of using Extruders

Extruders have a long history that dates back to the forerunners of modern machines being developed in the 19th century as part of the Industrial Revolution. Modern extruders make sure the use of a plastic polymer in the form of pellets or powder is completed correctly to create string, lightweight materials that are easy to use and amongst the most reliable in any industry. The raw form of plastic is inserted into the machine and passed to a large screw housed within a barrel, this barrel is heated from the exterior to create a high pressure environment that allows the plastic to become a molten liquid. The screw not only puts high pressure on the plastic, but moves it through a die that forms the shape and size of component required. Once passed through the die the material is cooled rapidly and pulled through to the end of the machine where it is rolled, cut or placed in packaging for transportation.

Benefits of Extruders

Extruders have a role to play in a number of industries, with the production of pipes, hoses and their accessories one of the major ways these machines are used in the modern world. Using the extrusion process means a longer than standard size of component can be produced, with the use of laser measuring equipment in the process and production of dies making it one of the most accurate ways to produce a tool or accessory. High quality and low cost plastics makes this form of production one of the cheapest and easiest to complete forms of production available.