Extruder Pipe Production

 Why Choose Extruder Pipe Production?

Extruder pipe production is one of the most often used processes for creating piping in the many forms of plastic that are becoming increasingly popular in the 21st century. From HDPE to PVC and corrugated pipe options, the extruder pipe machine can be adapted to create pipes from a variety of plastic materials. There are many reasons why pipe production is now largely completed with the extrusion process, which include:


The ability to create pipes from different materials to suit the needs of the client

Pipe created using the extrusion process can be made to uniform measurements and lengths for easier installation


How Extruder Pipe Production Works?

The extruder machine is divided into various parts that combine to create a way of creating the molten plastic material and forming it into the required size and shape of pipe for a high quality product. The extruder itself is a large barrel that holds a large screw, plastic in its raw pellet or powder form is passed into the extruder and heated from outside as the screw turns and places the material under high pressure. The large screw not only applies pressure to turn the plastic into a molten material that is easily formed to the required shape, but also aids in pushing the material onwards through the rest of the machine.

The Die is an important part of Extruder Pipe Production

When the plastic material is pushed out of the extruder it makes its way through a die, which is created to the exact specifications of the pipe manufacturer to meet the needs of their client. The die is often seen as the most important part of the extrusion process as this allows the correct pipe measurements to be created and meet the final needs of the client.

Benefits of Extruder Pipe Production

The use of Extruder pipe production is often sen as the most important and innovative way of producing plastic pipes in many forms. In pipe production, the use of couplings and attachments to install the manufactured pipes is often the site of failures and required maintenance. Extrusion allows large lengths of pipe to be produced that cut down on the number of pieces needed for an installation, which in turn reduces the need for attachments and a reduced number of failures.