PE pipe extrusion line for perfectly shaped and sized products

PE pipe extrusion line for perfectly shaped and sized products

Considering the importance of perfectly formed, high-quality PE pipeline, it is but natural that manufactures look for the right pe pipe extrusion line, which includes extruders, extrusion die head, calibration, and extrusion lines offering high degrees of customization.

Quality is important

PE pipes have a number of uses from carrying water to creation of sprinkler systems as well as drainage and sewage systems. In industrial applications, the pipes are used for distribution of fuel particularly gas, as well as in industries such as mining, chemicals, telecom, and power. The pipe line offers the advantage of being durable, resistant to corrosion, cheap, plus easy to carry over long distances and positioned. Being light as well as stretchable, these piping systems are ideal for multiple industry requirements. Pe pipe extrusion line must be carefully selected, so as to create an end product that offers the benefits mentioned above.

Energy efficient extruders

Extruders are the first phases of the production line and here, Tecnomatic's expertise comes in very useful. The company aims to reduce costs, boost productivity, ensure quality, and help manufacturers keep up with production in the long term. One of the major aspects of extruders supplied by date is their reduced energy consumption. The optimal efficiency, no matter what the pressure, makes for perfect mixing, as well as reduced noise.

The fact that extruders can be set through sophisticated control panels employing touch screen mode, and intelligent synch mechanism are the other aspects of this company's extruders.

Extrusion die head with high tech controls

Extrusion die heads, including large heads, is another one of Tecnomatic's specializations. The mechanisms, with their smooth controls, not only reduce costs, they also ensure high quality in products. Besides the regular die heads, such as monolayer and multilayer, the company also offers custom solutions. In addition to offering the right solution, for a specific requirement, the company also offers PE pipe extrusion line components at reasonable prices.

Perfect calibrating

Creating the perfect pipeline also requires the use of accurate calibration. Tecnomatic's brand of calibration systems is highly customizable; additionally, tanks such as the vacuum tanks and cooling tanks have rolling type supports. Especially for PE pipe line, an important consideration is reduction of deformation, and this is carried out through special saddles supplied in the system.

Tecnomatic's calibration, ranging from 1mm to more than 1500mm, for added versatility, customization choices, as well as perfect and precision, are perfect for pe pipe extrusion line.

Tecnomatic's consultation services are ideal for clients looking to purchase the best pe pipe extrusion line, to help them choose the best solutions for their individual requirements.