HDPE pipe extrusion line

 The advantage of Tecnomatic S.r.l.

Plastic pipes are created by putting melted polymer through a shaping, sizing, and cooling process. The production line includes tools to help with this process. The tools need to be of top quality with appropriate guarantees, to ensure that the production line does not face disruptions or other factors to reduce productivity. The production equipment or hdpe pipe extrusion line include extrusion die head, extruders, and calibration.


These are usually the screw type, and they feature designs to facilitate flow through narrow passage and withstand high pressure. Other important features to keep in mind when purchasing hdpe pipe extrusion line is reduction in noise and optimal mixing of materials.

Extrusion die head

The process of bringing the melted plastic from the extruder to the die for moulding it requires the use of extrusion die head. Depending on the type of plastic being processed, the die head might have a different organisation. The goal is to ensure that the material reaches the die successfully, with minimal to no problems that could cause pipe line to becoming uneven in thickness, brittle, or poorly formed.

Tecnomatic's die heads offer the added benefit of sophisticated controls, to boost productivity, reduce costs, and ensure best quality. The processing can accommodate different types of materials and heads, from PVC to polyolefin and many layered heads. These include coating die heads, monolayer and multilayer die heads for polyolefin pipes and extrusion heads for processing PVC polymer. The latter are available in two sizes, and in materials such as stainless steel, and may be offered finishing in chrome or nickel. Radiator type distribution channels ensure proper flow, even feeding, and eventually, uniformity of pipe line.

Custom design solutions to meet every requirement are other hallmarks of Tecnomatic's services.

Calibration tank

Tecnomatic's vacuum calibration tanks pull the material through vacuum tank, in which the calibration is present. The material can be PVC, PP and many other types. Other units in the calibration system include cooling tanks, for ensuring adequate cooling before cutting. Cooling tanks built of stainless steel are durable and corrosion resistant. Also included is design that makes maintenance easy and intelligent controls.

Consulting Tecnomatic for setting up hdpe pipe extrusion line offers many advantages, since the buyer can be assured of the expertise created through more than 30 years of experience. Custom designs and solutions are also offered, to ensure that the buyer gets only the best in Tecnomatic produce such as hdpe pipe extrusion line to create polymer pipe lines.