Extrusion pipe lines in today's industry

 Extrusion pipe lines in today's industry

One of the most widely used profiles, extrusion pipe lines are used all over the world where a high quality, durable solution is required. Tecnomatic excel in the creation of plastic pipe lines for all sectors of today's market and the company's dedication to quality and workmanship is unsurpassed.

With over 30 years of experience the company is well placed to offer clients the extrusion pipe lines that they really want in the formats thatmodern applications demand. Multilayer, monolayer and lines that have been tailor made to unique specifications are just some of the options available.

Tecnomatic constantly lead the field with innovative concepts and an approach that combines inspired design, the best raw materials and new advances in processing and technology.

Pipe lines that you can rely on

All extrusion pipe lines made by the company is the result of its vast experience in supplying all types of plastic piping to an international clientele with a wide variety of specific needs. Extrusion pipe lines should be adaptable, versatile and safe and must be able to stand the test of time and external elements.

Tecnomatic's committment to quality has meant that their excellent lines are one of the most highly regarded in engineering, chemicals and building and construction, and they are used for numerous different purposes all over the globe. The contemporary design features coupled withCAD systems that make use of traditional 3D polymer flow and innovative Tecnomatic software produces pipe profiles that fill every role in all areas of industry.

From engineering to road maintenance, extrusion lines continually provide the solution that makes a difference. Outstanding quality control and the use of 5 axis CNC machinery fill vital roles in the line from initial design concept to finished product. With an eye on industry changes and the enlightened view that experience and modern technology can work hand in hand, Tecnomatic continue to lead the field in extrusion pipe lines.