Remote maintenance

Teamwork and complete cooperation amongst the various operatives are fundamental features of Tecnomatic’s mode of operation, and they have an important influence on performance, manufacturing processes, and the satisfaction of all our stakeholders.

Tecnomatic’s service is implemented in the form of continuous, personalized assistance, with optimum plant performance guaranteed through close operational cooperation and the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology.

Operational stages

All internal testing and assistance operations are coordinated by a Technical Manager: Tecnomatic’s machines and lines are assembled directly on site, installed by specialist technicians who optimize production parameters according to the required performance. In addition, they explain the methods of operating and controlling the plant, by means of specific documentation and tutoring activities. The assistance provided for the client includes meticulous settings analysis in accordance with energy and running costs. During the post-sales phase, Tecnomatic guarantees the on-going supervision, maintenance and eventual upgrade of all plant.

• Assembly at the client’s operational premises
• Training service for the client’s technical staff at Tecnomatic’s premises
• Technical operative tutoring at the client’s operational premises
• Maintenance, production parameter optimization and technological retraining at the client’s premises
• Telephone assistance
• Assistance by specialist technicians all over the world.